Printmaking Sessions for Schools

Book a session with Tozzy Bridger and her travelling printing press at your school to increase the variety and quality of your student's work.  Tozzy's printmaking sessions will be tailored to meet your group’s requirements, from fun experimental sessions for younger age groups, to in depth and developed studies for exam pupils.  Sessions can link to an existing project, or be stand alone on a chosen theme.


GCSE Students:

Workshops suitable for GCSE students to build up course work with a range of print techniques, as well as producing finished pieces.


•Tozzy's printmaking sessions help students produce intriguing and unusual effects that will add variety to their work as well as enabling weaker students to create effective outcomes.  Students with weaker drawing and technical skills can be freed by the print methods to produce strong work, whilst more able students can add complexity to their work.


•Tozzy's printmaking sessions will help fulfil your assessment criteria by experimenting with materials, techniques and processes. Students will not only produce prints in several diverse medias but also several versions of each print varying colour and intensity when they print to create a range of back up work for sketchbooks as well as finished pieces. Even unsuccessful prints can be worked into to maximise outcome meaning a typical day can produce up to 20 separate prints per student.


•Tozzy's printmaking sessions will include several printmaking techniques to add new methods to your student’s body of work.  We will work with drypoint etchings, easy cut linos, collagraphs, and embossing to produce four very different styles of print, all printed through my portable printing press.


Junior schools:

Workshops suitable for all junior school children to have fun with a different media


•Tozzy's printmaking sessions will allow all children to make severals prints, including collagraphs made from collected materials such as bubblewrap and hessian as well as natural textures such as leaves or seed heads.  Children can also try out drypoints or faux etchings akin to drawing as well as quick fun polystyrene blocks.


•Tozzy's printmaking sessions can link to your curriculum themes such as Eygptian or Anglo Saxon art, rainforests and environments or urban culture.


•Tozzy's printmaking sessions will focus on making the printing fun and experimental whilst experiencing the use of a printing press and specialist equipment



To Book or Enquire:

Tozzy's printmaking sessions are reasonably priced including all materials and equipment. A full day workshop is £300, a morning workshop £200 or you can book a 2 hour taster session for £120

Please contact Tozzy to discuss your school's needs or to book a session at 



After School Clubs

Anstey Juniors         3.05 - 4.10pm Thursdays


"My daughter loves attending Art Club each week.  It is a great opportunity for her to try out art techniques and undertake mini projects that she cannot do at home.  Her London skyline picture wows everyone who sees it and takes pride of place on my study wall at home"

After School Art Club Parent


collagraph drypoint-skyscpae1 skyscapeselection

Collagraph by year 10 student


Drypoint by Special Needs student


Tozzy Bridger