Crafty Crows for Kids

Tozzy Bridger has used her knowledge and 20 years experience of making and

teaching art to create Crafty Crow sessions for kids of all ages.  


The unique sessions are developed to inspire an early enjoyment of

all things arty and crafty, and can include many medias or just focus

on printmaking.  Tozzy's Crafty Crow sessions can be booked for

your art centre or playgroup or are run by Tozzy in school holidays.  


 Mr Crafty Crow assists Tozzy in the sessions

and is joined by a box full of birds and lucky dips to keep up the fun.


Sessions can include painting, clay modelling, collaging, drawing and printing, using pipe cleaners, glitter, stickers, glue, shiny things, things from nature, feathers, twigs, leaves, seed heads, pom poms, cars, toy dinosaurs, paper cups, play dough, rollers, tin foil, sequins, stamps, maps, pages from vintage books,  stripes, spots, wool, and anything Tozzy finds interesting.  


Crafty Crow Parties

You can book Tozzy and Mr Crow for an arts and crafts themed party.

Crafty Crows will provide an hours craft activities on a chosen theme.

Individual needs can be discussed as to which activities, art methods and

themes you would like.  Suggested themes include dinosaurs, vechicles, princesses and fairies or your childs favourite character.


Tozzy has good links with All St's Church Hall or The Methodist Hall

in Alton or you can book your own venue or plan a party at home.

Crafty Crow parties start at just £15 a child to a min of £150 to include

all materials, price negotiable for extra requirements.


Printmaking Sessions for Kids

Also available are specialist printmaking sessions where children typically

make collagraph prints from natural and textured materials, stencils

and polystyrene prints all printed on Tozzy's miniature printing press.  

Easy cut lino is also used with older kids.



"A really lovely session with a lot of variety for the children which kept them entertained and made them think creatively. Children really enjoyed finding the birds a lovely touch"   CraftyCrow Parent


"We so looked forward to  being a Crafty Crow ! "


Make an enquiry or book now at



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Tozzy Bridger